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About Dominic. 


"Working with an Art Director with as many skills as Dominic is hard to find…He is totally organised, versatile and always keeps on top of any production that he works on. He has a good attitude and good humour, which I find essential Any [person] that has Dominic on his team, has a great asset."

Tony Noble - Production Designer "Moon"


“Dominic is an excellent organiser and can handle pretty much any problem thrown at the Art Department with speed and care. He is a great support to any designer and will work rigorously to maintain the budget and at the same time to retain the design philosophy.”

Hauke Richter - Senior Art Director “Game Of Thrones”


“…Dom was thrown into the lion's den with very little notice. …there were politics that required careful handling, but the Art department came out trumps not only to due to Dom's talent of…knowing his subject thoroughly but also due to his calm approach during these times. I never once received a panic call. He was talked of as a really top, nice guy by the crew and I would recommend seriously of having him on and around your crew. Just wish I had of found him earlier in my career!"

Martin Hitchcock - Production Designer & Art Director


“Dom is a great find - he…can pre-empt issues and prevent them from developing…It was great to just know all the art dept side was safely in-hand, so I could focus on other areas. Would hire again.”

Paddy Robinson-Griffin - Film Producer


25 Years Industry Experience. Last Ten Years Specialising In Art Department. 




Recent Credits


Art Director on “The Spanish Princess” [Starz/New Pictures, Bristol] 2018


Eight-part period drama about Catherine Of Aragon by New Pictures and Starz. The designer was Will Hughes-Jones ("The Alienist"). Set Decorator was Holly Thurman. A lot of set builds and locations throughout south-west England and Wales over a 20-week shoot. I looked after all set builds and the art department budget.


Supervising Art Director on “The Revenger” [Solar Productions, London] 2017


Comedy directed by Mark Murphy. The designer was Tony “Moon” Noble. Set Decorator was Jane Dundas. No set builds but plenty of locations. Came in under budget. 


Standby Art Director on “DHL Corporate Drama” [Maverick Advertising & Design] 2017


Corporate drama shoot by commercials director, Ian Sciacaluga. The designer was Hauke “GoT” Richter.  Ten sets ranging from restaurants to apartments to an Antarctic Research Station.


Production Designer on “End Of Term” [Green Screen Productions] 2016


Horror starring Ronald Pickup, Peter Davison and Ivan Kaye. The set was designed to flood and had a water tank at one end from which the main antagonist would emerge. All sets and set dec came in on budget and on time.


Supervising Art Director on “Mid Life Crisis” [MLC Ltd]     2016


Comedy starring John Cleese, Tobey Stephens and Richard Armitage. Attached as Art Director for designer Tony “Moon” Noble. Oversaw budget and art department. Production halted due to delay in receiving funds. Re-scheduled for 2018.


Art Director on “Aake” [Nakshatra Productions]       2016


Brought in at very late notice when another Art Director had to leave. Oversaw budget on a low-budget Bollywood horror. Came in on budget with zero problems.


Prod. Designer & Sup. Art Director on “Medinah”              2015-16


I worked on the Middle East’s first international TV sci-fi fantasy series with a local budget of $50 million (equivalent to $300 million in the UK). 

Initially, I was the supervising art director but after six months I was asked to take over as production designer. My designs included a rocket launch control room, a rocket, Djinn caves, a Tower of Silence, and a futuristic bus. Set-building commenced (including the biggest cave sets ever made), and locations were found. In the end, filming was put on indefinite hold due to a conflict of expectations between the production company and the investors. I left after eleven months, but the experience was worth it due to the interesting challenges, and commitment and ingenuity of the international crew.


Standby Art Director on reshoots for feature film, “The Devil’s Harvest” [DH Films] 2014


Standby Art Director for re-shoots on a feature film for designer Martin Hitchcock and art director Tony Noble. Directed by George Mendeluk and co-executive produced by Stuart Baird.


Art Director on feature film, “Awaiting” [Solar Productions] 2014


Oversaw the department for production designer, Tony Noble of “Moon”. Came in under budget.


Construction Manager on film, “The Adventurer: Curse of the Midas Box” 2012


Oversaw construction of one of the “hero sets” for this feature film starring Sam Neill. Came in under budget.


Construction Manager on BBC series, “Silent Witness” 2011


Supervised construction for all the guest sets for Season 15 of this series. This included two prisons (one two-storey set and another set with eighteen cells and two interrogation rooms), two council flats, a haunted attic and an exploding bathroom. All came in on time and under budget.


Construction Manager on BBC comedy, “The Cricklewood Greats” 2011


A thirty-minute test pilot for a comedy series by Peter Capaldi. I supervised the construction of eleven sets on a shoestring budget and very little time. Came in under budget.


Construction Supervisor on BBC series, “Silk” 2010


I was responsible for supervising the construction crew, as well as helping the Construction Manager with breakdowns, scheduling and costing of sets.


Carpenter on BBC series, “Spooks” 2010 


I helped build a set for one episode of the series, “Spooks”.


Construction Supervisor on feature film, “Foster” 2010


I supervised the construction crew, as well as helping the Construction Manager with breakdowns, budgets and schedules on Jonathan Newman’s feature film “Foster” starring Toni Collette.


Carpenter on Channel 4 mini-series, “City of Vice” 2008


This was a very ambitious series filmed over 13 weeks. We redressed around 15 interiors and built several large exterior sets including a collapsing three-story house— all for a budget of £250,000.





Additional Non-Art Dept Credits


The following experience reflects my broad knowledge of the industry. I have found everything I have done to be very useful in my role as, first, a Construction Manager, and now as a Supervising Art Director and Production Designer. In addition to those singled out below, I have also worked in my early days in the industry as a camera and Steadicam technician, assistant editor, stand-in and scriptwriter.



Executive Producer and Line Producer on feature film, “Schadenfreude” 2015-2018


In 2015, I was approached to help produce a unique SEIS-funded feature film. “Schadenfreude” starring Ronald Pickup, Steve Sweeney, Simon Gregor, Virginia Denham, Moya Brady, Edward Tudor-Pole and the voice of Sir Ian McKellen, is shooting periodically throughout 2015-18 and will be completed in 2019. I consult on everything from scheduling and budgeting to art department, lighting and CGI. I was asked to do this because of my wide range of experience and it was my suggestion that the film be shot over several years - much like making eight short films - so the first-time director could preserve his unique vision. It is this approach that helped to secure such a high-profile cast while keeping the film on budget.



Director and Producer of award-winning "Blake's 7" audio plays, 2008-2009


I was hired to produce seven "Blake's 7" audio plays and to direct 2. Plays included actors such as Geoffrey Palmer and Benedict Cumberbatch. All the plays are available on iTunes and Amazon and have aired several times on BBC radio.



Scriptwriter for Film and TV 


I have been hired to write screenplays for film and TV. One of the early ones was the pilot for the remake of "Blake's 7". This was very nearly made by Sky. I have had feature screenplays commissioned and optioned. Two are currently awaiting production.



Director of Photography, Gaffer and Film Electrician 1997-2009


I have been the DoP on numerous short films and music videos, as well as Gaffer and Film Electrician on several hundred short films, commercials, music videos, TV and feature films.



Scriptreader for New Line Cinema & Fine Line Films 1995-1996


Read and produced reports on over one hundred and fifty screenplays for Newline and Fineline and several other companies.


Producer & Production Manager 1995


For Carlton TV.




Experienced with Powerpoint, Keynote, SketchUp, Photoshop, Pixelmator and iDraw. Skilled at Final Draft, Excel and Google Sheets (I create my own budgeting ‘apps’ using Google Sheets, complete with automated multi-featured budget tracker and DooDs for tracking action vehicles, props, dressing and so on). Also, Google Docs, Numbers, Pages and technical drawing/draughting.


Track-record for never going over budget. Good leader *and* team-player. Hands-on - I lead by example. A perfectionist in what matters. Always willing to learn. I believe professionalism is indicated not by the way a person works but by the way they treat their crew and fellow employees.

Prior professional experience as writer and production manager often useful when pre-empting set and location requirements and preventing problems within the Art Dept and in conjunction with other departments.







Tony Noble - Production Designer on “The Revenger”, “Mid-Life Crisis”, “Awaiting” and ”Moon”. Art Director on “The Devil’s Harvest”.


Hauke Richter - Art Director on ”Game Of Thrones” for last four seasons.


Martin Hitchcock - Production Designer on “The Devil’s Harvest”. Art Director on ”1492: Conquest Of Paradise” and “White Hunter, Black Heart”.


Paddy Robinson-Griffin - Line Producer on "The Revenger", “Awaiting” and “Mid Life Crisis”.





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